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Who We Are:

  • Family Owned Since 1956
  • Located in Clifton, NJ
  • Three Production Buildings
  • Multiple Coating Technologies
  • ISO 9001-2008
  • Analytical Testing Lab
  • 115 Employees
  • Separate Warehousing Facility

What We Do:

Lamart Corp has spent over fifty years specializing in the lamination and coating of flexible materials. We are an asset to our customers because we listen to what they are trying to accomplish, then work with them to design and manufacture products that meet their exact needs. From concept to production, Lamart partners with our customers to solve the most complex application requirements. Some of our customers supply their own unique raw materials while others take advantage of Lamart's extensive resources. Lamart can offer a standard product from our extensive portfolio, or custom engineer a system designed to meet every aspect of critical requirements . Proprietary arrangements are common with these types of projects, and unique technologies are protected with bilateral secrecy agreements.

Our Markets:

Electronic / Electrical
EMI / RFI Shielding
Medical / Optical
Graphic Arts
Energy Systems

Our Products:

Pressure Sensitive Materials
Heat Seal Coated Films & Foils
Thin Foil & Film Laminates
High Temperature Reflective Materials
Noise & Vibration Damping Tapes
Radiation Shielding
Flame Retardant Constructions
Scrim Reinforced Films

Company Information
Lamart is a wide web, custom coater and laminator of flexible substrates, such as films, scrims, foils, foams, fabrics, etc. Founded in 1956 to design and manufacture laminated rolled goods, we still pride ourselves in offering unique products for the most challenging projects. We also collaborate on product and process development using customer supplied materials and use our extensive knowledge of substrates, adhesives and coatings to design products to meet customers’ specific needs.
ISO 9001:2008
Composite Structurals
Production Low Volume; Production - High Volume

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