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What we do

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For nearly 60 years, Jessup Manufacturing’s sweet spot is engineering and manufacturing adhesive coated films, non-slip tapes, photoluminescent materials, graphics media, and other specialty products. Our customers are primarily original equipment manufacturers (OEM) that use the custom materials in finished goods and large enterprises that choose us to make products for private label sale. Jessup has a wide range of custom converting capabilities, including slitting, rewinding, die-cutting, sheeting, kitting, and custom packaging. Our Solve + Make™ development process provides you fast, focused product development and an ample, high quality supply of material for your use.

We thrive on long-term relationships we build with our Solve + Make™ customers. From concept to prototype to production and export worldwide, your project is our motivation.

We know adhesive coated films

We also specialize in photoluminescent films and sheets

Jessup has custom coated and laminated flexible substrates for customers in many industries. Our products are used in many industries, including manufacturing, safety, transportation, commerce, retail, government and institutions, graphics and advertising, and action sports. We design solutions that have optimal performance for each application. We provide a range of converting, packaging and supply chain services so you can get to market quickly and cost effectively.

Jessup also makes branded products that are sold through distributors, retailers, and directly to consumers. Jessup’s leading brands include non-slip films such as Safety Track® and Flex Track®; Glo Brite® photoluminescent films and exit signs; graphics media such as award winning Asphalt Art® and TexWalk®; government and institutional specified products; and films for action sports, including Jessup Griptape® The Original, a global brand for the skateboard market.

We have broad capabilities

Plus we add more all the time

The most frequently requested products are adhesive coatings, laminates, and parts converted from Jessup manufactured and customer-supplied materials. The most requested services are product design, testing, packaging, and supply chain management.

Company Information
Jessup is a global manufacturer of adhesive coated films, non-slip tapes, photoluminescent materials, and specialty graphic media. Although our brands are recognized and preferred in many industries, most of our products are tailor made to make our customers’ products succeed. Our core business is contract coating, custom converting, and supply chain services that integrate seamlessly with your workflow.

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