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Specialty lamination can greatly expand the physical attributes and performance characteristics of raw materials. These specialty composites may be custom-engineered and manufactured to deliver a variety of enhanced properties such as: increased thickness, superior adhesion of dissimilar materials, improved abrasion resistance, and enhanced sound-deadening properties to name only a few.

Challenge us with your own specialty material performance requirements and together we'll custom engineer and manufacture a composite for your unique application needs.

Company Information
Argent has specialized in designing, fabricating, and distributing a wide variety of self-adhesive, die-cut solutions for 40 years. As a premier full-service tape converter and distributor, we work with multiple markets nationally and internationally.
ISO 14001; TS 16949
Plastics; Foams, Adhesives, Films, Foils, Paper, Rubber
Production Low Volume; Production - High Volume

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