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Company Information
Impreglon offers coating services based on fluorpolymer, plastics, metal and ceramic or combinations thereof for all branches of industry, such as aerospace, chemicals, printing, automotive, plastics, food products, paper and packaging.
Capabilities - Recoating
Dip or Immersion Coating; Dry Lubricant Coating; Electrocoat; Hardfacing; Applied / Spray On Liners; Plastic Coating; Thermal Spraying; Titanium Nitride; Thin Film Coating; Abrasives or Superabrasives; Ceramic Coating
Capabilities - Cleaning / Surface Preparation
Abrasive / Blasting; Buffing / Polishing; Burn-off or Thermal Cleaning; Deburring or Deflashing; Degreaser; Honing or Superfinishing; Mass Finishing (Tumbling / Vibratory); Passivation; Immersion Washing; Sanding or Grinding; Stripping or Coating Removal; Ultrasonic Cleaning
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