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Company Information
ChemArt Company is an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of standard & custom etched metal parts and components. Since its inception in 1976, as a Veteran-Owned Small Business, ChemArt produces products adhering to military standard and specifications.
Capabilities - Recoating
Dip or Immersion Coating; Painting; Powder Coating; Thermal Spraying; Screen Printing or Selective Coating; Black Oxide; Plating; Thin Film Coating; Adhesives or PSA; Chemical Finish or Conversion
Capabilities - Cleaning / Surface Preparation
Anodizing; Buffing / Polishing; Deburring or Deflashing; Degreaser; Electropolishing; Mirror Finishing; Passivation; Pickling or Chemical Deburring; Immersion Washing; Spray Washing; Stripping or Coating Removal; Ultrasonic Cleaning
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