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New harmonized colours available in all sizes to support IEE regulations on phase colours to BS 7671, used as an over sleeve this product can also up-grade your cables to meet the latest fire safety standards as well.,Zero Halogen Heatshrink that exceeds the requirements of London Underground and the MOD and is recommended were fire safety is of prime importance. Areas such as public buildings, public transport, underground rail systems, submarines, hospitals and airports, etc.
Highly flame retardant with a flame temperature index of over 350°C. Totally halogen free. Very low smoke, meets LUL requirements. No toxic fume emission. High Oxygen index, over 40%. Ideal for use in insulation, cable protection, cable identification, and encapsulation on connectors. Used as a cover to up-grade cable to meet full fire safety standards. Supplied in cut lengths of 1.2m
Sleeve Diameter = 19.1mm
Shrunk Diameter = 9.5mm
Colour = Black
Sleeve Type = Heat Shrink
Adhesive Lined = No
Shrink Ratio = 2:1
Sleeve Length = 1.2m
Material = Polyolefin
Minimum Operating Temperature = -40°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +105°C


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Shrink Wrap and Stretch Films
Temperature Resistance
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