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E-Z Stick Drywall Finishing Tape -- EZ-08419-99200

E-Z Stick Drywall Finishing Tape -- EZ-08419-99200 -- View Larger Image
E-Z Stick Drywall Finishing Tape -- EZ-08419-99200-Image

What's special about this gypsum drywall board tape?

  • Designed with an aggressive adhesive that creates a superior bond with gypsum board after wetting
  • Center creased for easy corner application, which helps to reduce installation time and frustrating mistakes
  • Saves you an entire step compared to conventional methods, resulting in an overall quicker installation time and reduction in labor and material costs

The E-Z STICK drywall tape for gypsum drywall board provides professionals and do-it-yourself installers with a one-of-a-kind taping system that saves time, and eliminates frustrating mistakes associated with the hard-to-use alternatives, such as fiberglass mesh or pre-mud required tapes. For professional results, E-Z Tapping Systems™ have now introduced their patent pending E-Z Stick applicator. Equipped with a built-in water bath, this applicator allows you to go directly into applying the E-Z Stick drywall tape to your gypsum board, saving you even more time.