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X-Treme® Tape -- VP-TPE-XR10B

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What's special about this self-fusing tape?

  • Self-bonding, adhesive-free, low cost insulating tape will save you with in-field operations and post installation maintenance
  • Tensile strength of 600 PSI and highly flexible properties allow this tape to conform to any shape and perform in extreme environments
  • Unlike heat shrink tubing, there is no need to disconnect or cut existing wire bundles; just wrap the tape onto itself and around splits to create a tight seal
  • Originally created for the military, X-Treme® Tape is a self-fusing wrap made from a special high quality silicone rubber compound. This self-bonding tape will conform to irregular shapes and provide a non-conductive, water and airtight insulating seal. Ideal for use in automotive, electrical, MRO, aerospace, plumbing, home, and outdoor applications.