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Permacel P-665 Gaffer's Tape -- GTP665-160

Permacel P-665 Gaffer's Tape -- GTP665-160 -- View Larger Image
Permacel P-665 Gaffer's Tape -- GTP665-160-Image

What's special about this permacel gaffer's tape?

  • Matte Finish: 12 mil vinyl-coated cloth tape does not promote light reflection
  • Synthetic rubber adhesive holds fast but won't leave residue behind
  • Perfect for splicing cables- seals out dirt and dust
  • Conforms easily to irregular shapes
  • Tears by hand - eliminates need for scissors or utility knives
  • Ideal for use in the entertainment industry
  • RoHS compliant
  • Meets government specs A-A-1568A and PPP-T-60E