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With an enormous range and quantity of vibratory, barrel, centrifugal, continuous flow and ultrasonic finishing systems we have the capacity to improve the surface finishes and edge radii of your metal parts. Our vast array of equipment running on a continuous schedule can mechanically polish very large quantities of very small parts or small batches of very large parts and every combination in between.
We use the wide range of standard media as well as our own unique specialized media to produce mirror to matte finishes on solid wire, rod and tubular parts. Controlled radii and surface finishes as smooth as 1 micro-inch are available. We continually improve our surface finish metrology measuring equipment and techniques to confirm dimensions and surface finish conditions.

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Metal Cutting Corporation's 100+ barrel, vibratory, centrifugal and ultrasonic finishing systems produce mirror to matte finishes on wire, rod and tubular parts with surface finishes as smooth as 1 micro inch.

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