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Company Information
NEI Corp. develops, manufactures and markets nanotechnology-based materials for a broad range of applications. NEI's innovative nanocomposite materials enable customers to achieve significant performance improvements in consumer and industrial products.
Services Offered
Formulation, Comounding and Synthesis; Toll Processing; Optimization; Technology & Licensing; Training; Powder Processing; Material; Chemical Processing; R&D; Process Development Services
Liquids; Powders; Nanomaterials; Bulk Solids or Granules; Waste or Scrap
Chemicals Processed
Chemical Agents or Additives; Coolants or Refrigerants; Filler or Extenders; Inorganic Chemicals; Lubricants or Greases; Organic Chemicals; Pigments or Dyes; Polymers
Materials Processed
Carbon or Graphite; Textiles; Wood Products; Adhesives or Sealants; Ceramics; Coatings or Paint; Elastomers / Rubber; Glass; Metals or Elements; Ferrous / Iron Based; Non-ferrous; Nanomaterials
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