Umicore Materials Datasheets for Copper, Brass, and Bronze Alloys

Copper, brass, and bronze alloys are non-ferrous metals with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity as well as good corrosion resistance, ductility and strength.
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Product Name Notes
Copper Pure Metal Consumable for Electronics
Silver-Copper Precious Metal Consumable for Electronics
Semiconductors and electronics play a major role in our world. Just about everything from consumer goods, transportation, housing and manufacturing infrastructure, to large area information systems is based on such...
Metal-Organic Compounds Besides organic cobalt or organic manganese compounds, Umicore produces a number of other metal organic compounds, based upon calcium, cupper, zinc, zirconium, barium, cerium, lithium, strontium, iron, potassium or barium.
Copper for Semiconductor Applications Copper for Semiconductor technology is used for front end applications as well as for advanced packaging, e.g. Flip-Chip technology, and in a variety of compounds. Umicore Copper targets are available...