Plascon Group (The) Datasheets for Protective Liners and Lining Systems

Protective liners and lining systems protect an underlying surface from corrosion, wear, erosion, heat or fire. They may also provide leak protection or fluid containment.
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Product Name Notes
Dry Liner -- 37374430STSB3 1 Ply 3 mil with 5% AS, LLDPE Dry Liner
Dry Liner -- 48423330STSB1
Dry Liner -- 48425230STSB1
1 Ply 3 mil, LLDPE Dry Liner with 4 tape tabs (4 top)
Dry Liner -- 38342840STSBB 1 Ply 4 mil, "Black Conductive", LLDPE Dry Liner for use in a FIBC.
Dry Liner -- 43414950STSQ1 1 Ply 5 mil, LD/HD/Metallocene Dry "Barrier" Liner
Dry Liner -- 72XLARGEPANLINE 1 Ply, 8 mil clear embossed pan liner "X-Large"
Liquid Liner -- L343447-42PLY2 2 Ply, Form Fitting spouted bottom liquid liner to fit the Remcon 220 gallon TOP. Barrier exterior ply. Irradiated liner for Aseptic filling
Liquid Liner -- L403946-42PSTSQ 2 Ply, Form Fitting spouted top and Form Fitting bottom to fit Octobin IBC. IBC ID: 1091 mm x 1091 mm x 1020 mm, (452 mm each side) 142.3" circum...
Liquid Liner -- L4040423-2STSB1 3 Ply Form Fitting liquid liner for 275 gallon tote.
Liquid Liner -- L524839.53.2ST1 3 Ply Form Fitting liquid liner to fit the GOODPACK tote Tote ID at Top: 54.9" x 43.3" x 38" Tall
PanGuard High Temperature Liners -- PanGuard18-20
PanGuard High Temperature Liners -- PanGuard18-24
PanGuard High Temperature Liners -- PanGuard23-10
PanGuard High Temperature Liners -- PanGuard23-14
PanGuard High Temperature Liners -- PanGuard34-12
PanGuard High Temperature Liners -- PanGuard34-18
Save Time & Money with PanGuard Cook, baste and roast up to 400 ºF with PanGuard high temperature liners. Oven, microwave, cooker and steam pan safe, PanGuard high temperature pan...