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The Mobius Institute has been offering certification since 2005; over 5700 people have been certified in that time. However, in 2011 a new, independent organization was formed; the Mobius Institute Board of Certification - abbreviated to MIBoC, to conduct personnel certification.

The Mobius Institute Board of Certification has an Advisory Board of eminent people from the world of vibration analysis, a Scheme Committee of experts in vibration analysis and condition monitoring, and a Technical Committee that also comprises experts from around the world. The Scheme and Technical committees represent vibration analysis, consultants, vendors, instructors, and educators. They come from every part of the world to ensure that decisions made do not favor one mindset.

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The charter of the Mobius Institute Board of Certification is to offer practical, affordable, and accessible vibration certification.
Condition Monitoring; Predictive Analysis / Maintenance; Consulting / Training
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Personnel Training and Certification on Vibration, Alignment, Balancing, Condition Monitoring and Awareness

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