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The M&P Lab is a full-service materials testing laboratory, offering our clients a full range of analytical and consulting services such as acceptance testing, quality control, service evaluation, failure analysis and product development.
We analyze materials such as metals, composites, organics and polymers to determine composition, structure and properties.

We start by looking - first with the naked eye, then closer, in ways our eyes can't see, searching for clues.

The analysis is often a comparison to a known standard or specification.

Rooted in years of experience, individual intelligence and creativity, insight is what enables us to make the leap from a collection of data to a comprehensive solution.

The intimate knowledge of our clients' products and processes allows us to respond faster to their needs, more directly address their problems and provide sound solutions which make a significant impact on the clients' bottom line.

Our experienced, highly-skilled team and its knowledge base are invaluable resources to our clients. We are dedicated to a cooperative, analytical approach in technological and materials problem-solving. The accuracy and precision of our results, as well as our meticulous reporting procedures, are second to none. This world-class service allows our clients to make critical decisions based on reliable, accurate information.

Company Information
The M&P Lab is a full-service materials testing and characterization laboratory specializing in analytical services such as failure analysis, product development, acceptance testing, quality control, service evaluation and reserve engineering.
Preventive / Corrective Maintenance; Predictive Analysis / Maintenance; TestDevelop; TestFixture; Consulting / Training
Forms Tested / Certified
Components and Parts; Products; Facilities / Structures

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