Condition Monitoring and Machine Maintenance Services

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We evaluate, maintain, and (if necessary) redesign equipment for reliable service. Our expertise in vibration control allows us to quickly and accurately get to the root cause and recommend the best solution.

+ Equipment maintenance plans
+ PM and PDM evaluation and optimization
+ Root cause failure analysis
+ Vibration control solutions
- Force reduction
- Mass addition
- Tuning
- Isolation
- Damping

Company Information
Acuren, an NDT inspection and materials engineering firm focused on supporting mechanical integrity and inspection programs in the Petrochemical, Refinery, Pipeline, Pulp & Paper, Power Generation, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, and Automotive industries.
Condition Monitoring; Preventive / Corrective Maintenance; Predictive Analysis / Maintenance; TestDevelop; In-Process; DataAcq; TestFixture; Field Evaluation (On-site Inspection / Testing); Consulting / Training
Forms Tested / Certified
Capital Equipment; Components and Parts; Facilities / Structures

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