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Low Density Epoxy Syntactic Foam -- 20-3036

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Low Density Epoxy Syntactic Foam -- 20-3036-Image

20-3036 is a light weight epoxy for potting, casting, and encapsulating electronic components and assemblies. It is formulated in a convenient 2:1 by weight mix ratio.

Product Category
Foams and Foam Materials
ClosedCell; Rigid; Syntactic; Foam
Form / Shape
Casting Resin; Molding
Material / Composition
Polymer / Plastic; Epoxy
Material Properties
Thermal Conductivity
0.3000 to 1.4 BTU-in/hr-ft²-F (0.1034 to 0.4826 mcal-cm/cm²-sec-C)

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Dielectric Strength
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