Fairview Microwave Inc. Datasheets for RF Waveguide Amplifiers

RF waveguide amplifiers accept a varying input signal and produce an output signal that varies in the same way, but with a larger amplitude.
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Product Name Notes
WR-12 Waveguide Power Amplifier 70.5 GHz to 76.5 GHz Frequency Range With 25 dB Gain And 22 dBm Psat Using UG-387/U Flange -- FMAM4023
WR-12 Waveguide Power Amplifier 80.5 GHz to 86.5 GHz Frequency Range With 20 dB Gain And 19 dBm Psat Using UG-387/U Flange -- FMAM4024
Waveguides from Fairview Microwave consist of coaxial adapters, bandpass filters, bends, flexible waveguide cables, waveguide gain horns, sections and terminations. Fairview waveguides are available in standard sizes from WR-430 through...