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Company Information
Marshall Manufacturing Company is a full service manufacturer, specializing in CNC Swiss machining. We offer CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC Laser tube machining, Wire EDM and additional secondary machining and finishing services. We also provide manufacturing design, as well as precision 2D bending and 3D bending, of pre-machined wire and tubing. Materials include MP35N, L605, Titanium, 300 series and 17-7 stainless steel and alloy steels, aluminum and brass, as well as a full range of plastics.
Specialty Cutting
Tube / Pipe; Marshall can laser machine intricate shaped windows and cut-offs patterns of tube diameters ranging from .050" up to .315".
Services Offered
CAD / CAM Support; Design Assistance; Prototype Services; High Volume Production; Inspection / Quality Control
Certification / Quality Requirements
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