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uDiamond® Vivace - Nanodiamond Enhanced Hard Chrome Plating

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uDiamond® Vivace for Hard Chrome

uDiamond® Vivace has been developed to meet the needs of tomorrow, enabling more durable products, with greater efficiency through lowered friction, and is used throughout industries including automotive, power generation, aerospace, industrial and marine.

Pushing the Limits of Hard Chrome Plating

As designers continue to push boundaries in a quest for higher performing products, while reducing size, mass and emissions, the need arises for higher performing plated surfaces.

uDiamond Enhancement

Carbodeon's uDiamond® Vivace plating enhancement addresses these needs:

  • Hardness: +20-50%
  • Wear Resistance: + >100%
  • Corrosion Resistance: + 50-100%
  • Friction: - 30%
  • Enhanced adhesion

How Does uDiamond® Enhancement Work?

The 4-6 Nm hard diamond particles disperse throughout the plating electrolyte:

  • uDiamond® particles control the growth of the plating microstructure – reducing the grain size at nano scale, improving its strength and eliminating porosity.
  • uDiamond® particles reinforce the plated material by controlling dislocation movement under stress.

Product Category
Composite Fillers and Reinforcements
Type of Filler
Nanotubes / Nanofibres

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