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AdTech prides itself on being the innovation leader in the ceramic package business. Co-fired ceramic technology was invented in our Chattanooga facility over 35 years ago, and numerous patents have been issued over the years.
Today, the company remains the leading US-owned non-captive supplier of ceramic electronic packages, and continues to lead the industry.

Feed Throughs
AdTech's patented "split-via" concept provides an exceptionally reliable method of edge metallization without concern for processing damage at the point where metallization wraps around the edges.

Ceramic Pedestals
A Ceramic pedestal may be used in the package design to allow for self-jigging of metal or ceramic Seal-Ring.

Microwave Design Assistance
AdTech Ceramics produces HTCC and AlN packages for microwave applications in the X through K band frequency ranges.

Electromagnetic Simulation

This process can yield market-differentiating performance while maintaining cost effective solutions.

Thermal Modeling

AdTech Ceramics is able to analyze and improve the thermal performance of the ceramic package. It does so by using its unique combination of proprietary thermal analysis tools, commercially available thermal analysis software and highly qualified engineering staff. Refractory Metal Standoffs

For the ultimate in standoffs, AdTech can co-fire refractory metal "bumps" on BGAs or substrates that will retain their shape through multiple solder reflow operations.

Materials Selection
Multilayer ceramic electronic packages can be produced with a wide choice of materials, each designed to meet specific application needs. The choices include:

  • Ceramics
  • Metallizations
  • Brazed Components
  • Platings

Ceramic Materials

AdTech offers a choice of ceramic materials:

  • Alumina (HTCC)
  • Aluminum Nitride (AlN)
  • Low Temp Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC)
  • Beryllium Oxide (BeO)

Additionally, custom materials can be developed to meet special needs.

Company Information
AdTech Ceramics has 30+ years of multilayer ceramic (MLC) manufacturing and 15+ years of AlN Multilayer technology experience, and offers microwave modeling and design and developmental partnerships.
BGA; MCM; LCCC; Custom Pin Grid Arrays
Backend Processing
Soldering / Pasting; Hermetic Sealing; Dicing

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