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Signal emissions radiating from thecomponent are tested based on their frequency range. High frequency emissionsare measured through free space as radiated emissions. Low frequency signalsare measured through a conductor as conducted emissions. We can test Emissionsand Susceptibility to 40GHz. Susceptibility is tested in order todetermine the products inability to function when being exposed to aninterfering signal. This interfering signal may be in the form of a carrierwave, modulated signal, spike voltage, or transient event. We can generateRadiated Susceptibility fields across the frequency range of 10 KHz to 40 GHz.

If you are concerned about yourproducts ability to withstand electric fields, E-labs will test for RadiatedSusceptibility Electric Fields. We cantest your equipment and sub-system enclosures as well as all interconnectingcables for Radiated Susceptibility in accordance with RS103 from 2 MHz up to 40GHz.

We have large anechoic test chambers with highcurrent DC and AC sources available. They are built with echo suppressionfeatures and radiation absorbent material to minimize reflection of RF waves.This radiation absorbent material is arranged in an array of pyramid shapedrubberized foam material filled with a controlled iron and carbon mixture. Thedesign allows for the gradual absorption of power as the wave penetrates thematerial.

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E-Labs offers climatic, salt fog, altitude, acoustic noise, EMI/EMC, vibration, thermal shock, temperature and humidity testing, military and environmental simulation. They offer state of the art facilities and personnel with over 70 years of experience.
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