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Single-piece metal spring coupling featuring slitted cylinder material. Backlash 0 (zero). Slitted flat spring absorbs misalignments. Made of aluminium alloy. Full shaft hole
Bore A = 6mm
Bore B = 6mm
Outside Diameter = 16mm
Length = 23mm
Fastening = Clamp
Torque Rating = 1Nm
Torsional Stiffness = 80Nm/rad
Misalignment - Angular = 2°
Misalignment - Parallel = 0.1mm
Misalignment - Axial = 0.4mm

Product Category
Flexible Couplings
Coupling Type
Flexible Link
Coupling Diameter
0.6299 inch (16 mm)
Alignment & Motion
2 degrees
0.0039 inch (0.1000 mm)

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Rated Torque
Torsional Stiffness

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