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Company Information
ELCAN Optical Technologies has a history reaching back to the very beginnings of modern optics. Optical fabrication lies at the very heart of their operation and plays a vital role in maintaining our position as a world leader in the field of optics.
Global Sales Force, manufacturing in Midland Ontario Canada
Coatings; Design; Diamond Turning; Grinding and Polishing; Prototyping; Testing; High Volume Production; VQ/MRF and Optoelectronic Assemblies
Optic Type
Achromats; Aspheres; Beamsplitters; Crystals; Diffraction Optics; Etalons; Fiber Optics; Filters; Laser Optics; Lenses; Mirrors; Mounts; Polarizing Optics; Prisms; Reticles; Waveplates; Wedges; Windows; Reflective Telescopes; Custom Requests
Surface Quality
Surface Flatness
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