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The Sensirion SDP800 series of Analog differential pressure sensors offer superb performance and are targeted at high-volume applications. These sensors are for use with air or other non-aggressive gases and deliver accurate and stable results covering a range of up to +/-500 Pa(+/-2 inch H20 / +/-5 mbar) even at very low differential pressures. Configurable to linear or square root by a separate pin, the SDP800 series features an analog ratiometric voltage output. Suitable for high-quality mass production, the CMOS technology is the ideal choice for demanding and cost-sensitive OEM applications. High process capability and great signal to noise ratio make the CMOSens Technology highly reliable and give it great long-term stability.
Maximum Overload Pressure = 1bar
Mounting Type = PCB Mount
Pin Count = 4
Dimensions = 29 x 18 x 23.75mm
Length = 29mm
Width = 18mm
Height = 23.75mm
Maximum Operating Pressure = +125Pa
Maximum Operating Supply Voltage = 5.5 V
Maximum Operating Temperature = +85 °C

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Pressure Sensor Chips
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