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Honing Coolant -- SCC

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SCC-605 and SCC-205 Honing Coolant Concentrates are formulated to meet the demands of the KROSSGRINDING® System, Single-Stroke® Honing System and metalbond superabrasive honing.

SCC-605 and SCC-205 are very similar. Select SCC-605 when honing cast iron. This coolant has the ability to "self clean" which results in longer coolant life and consistent surface finish. Select SCC-205 when honing hardened steel using fine grit diamond plated tools or metal bond abrasives.

If your application requires automated parts loading/unloading, specialized fixtures, coolant filtration systems or any other custom engineered solutions, our Integrated Systems team is ready to help. The Integrated System team is comprised of the most experienced design and engineering professionals in the industry. They will work closely with you – analyzing application requirements, target tolerances, and process control needs – to develop highly customized solutions to meet your specific needs. Call your Sunnen Sales and Application Engineer today at 1-800-325-3670 for further information.


  • No mineral oil, sulfur or chlorine
  • Viscosity (SUS): Water
  • Hazardous OSHA: No
  • Hazardous DOT: No
  • Size Available:18.91 L (5 gal) pails, 209.21 L (55 gal) drums


  • Far superior to conventional honing oils in reducing or eliminating workpiece temperature build up
  • Suitable as a grinding coolant or general purpose metal working fluid for both ferrous and non-ferrous parts
  • Contains no dangerous nitrites, nitrates, PCB's, PTTBA, Mercurials, or Phenols

Product Category
Industrial Lubricants
Fluid / Oil; Honing Coolant

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