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Krytox™ Vacuum Pump Fluid -- 16256

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Krytox™ Vacuum Pump Fluid -- 16256-Image

Krytox™ vacuum pump fluids are used in applications where conventional vacuum pump oils cause safety, waste disposal and maintenance problems. They are nonflammable and eliminate the chance of fire in pumps. They are nonreactive and safe to use in oxygen systems. They can replace competitive PFPE fluids as well as any other type of vacuum fluid. Krytox™ fluids do not contain acetal groups, which are susceptible to attack by Lewis acids. This gives Krytox™ superior stability as a vacuum pump fluid. Krytox™ vacuum fluids are precisely distilled to provide low vapor pressures and give superior performance. In addition, Krytox™ fluids are recyclable. Krytox™ XP VPF oils contain a soluble additive to prevent rust. This patented additive enhances the performance of Krytox™ VPF fluids, giving them improved performance properties. The long-term antirust properties repel moisture, providing extra protection from corrosion of metal parts and bearing surfaces. While Krytox™ VPF fluids are inert and nonreactive to all elastomers, plastics and metals, the soluble additives in the XP products have not been tested with all materials. Initial testing has shown no problems with DuPont™ Teflon®, Kalrez®, Viton®, nitrile and silicone rubbers. The performance of the soluble additives could degrade at temperatures more than 182°C (360°F) over a long period of time. Krytox™ LVP is high vacuum grease formulated with a special low vapor pressure Krytox™ oil for high-vacuum applications. It is also useful for sealing laboratory glassware connections and as a thread lubricant/sealant.


Product Category
Industrial Lubricants
Fluid / Oil; Micro-dispersion
Lubricant; Corrosion Inhibiting or Rust Preventative
Kinematic Viscosity
64.6 to 2560.0 cSt (6.95E-4 to 0.0276 ft²/sec)
Specific Gravity
1.61 to 1.92 specific gravity
Pour Point
Composition / Chemistry
Grade / Approvals