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Krytox™ High-Vacuum Grease -- LVP

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Low pressures. Extremely high or low temperatures. Hostile environments. Whatever special needs your system might have, Krytox™ low vapor pressure (LVP) high-vacuum grease works-safely, reliably, and cost-effectively. Krytox™ LVP high-vacuum grease performs over extremes of temperature and pressure that hydrocarbon, silicone, and chlorofluorocarbon greases can't match. From -15 to 300°C (0-570°F), at vapor pressures as low as 10-13 mmHg, and in even the most chemically severe environments, Krytox™ LVP grease gives dependable, proven performance.Additionally, Krytox™ LVP high-vacuum grease is nonflammable, insoluble, and chemically inert. It is also an excellent lubricantand sealant. And Krytox™ LVP grease offers all these features at a price that is less expensive than many vacuum rated hydrocarbon, silicone, and chlorofluorocarbon greases. Krytox™ LVP high-vacuum grease is used as a sealant or lubricant in vacuum systems. Chemically inert and offering superior lubrication properties, Krytox™ LVP grease combines the extremely low vapor pressure of Krytox™ fluorinated oil, which is based on the most stable type of perfluoroalkylpolyether available, with a fluorocarbon thickener. Thus, Krytox™ LVP grease will not explode, ignite, decompose, react to form gummy or solid deposits, or act as fuel for fires. Krytox™ grease retains its lubricating ability at temperature extremes ranging from -15 to 300°C (0-570°F) and offers complete oxidation resistance. All these features add up to lower wear and longer life for equipment and components-so important when access for component repair or replacement is difficult or impossible.

Product Category
Industrial Lubricants
Grease / Gel; Micro-dispersion
Lubricant; Corrosion Inhibiting or Rust Preventative
Kinematic Viscosity
8.8 to 740.0 cSt (9.47E-5 to 0.0080 ft²/sec)
Specific Gravity
1.94 specific gravity

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