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Krytox™ XP Lubricant Oil -- XP 1A5

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These new patented additives enhance the performance of Krytox™ PFPE greases and oils, giving them improved performance properties. Bearings run quieter and wear less because there are no solid additives to make noise. Lower wear will extend bearing and component life. The anticorrosion protection of the additive will reduce rusting and allow longer grease and bearing life. The extreme pressure properties of the additive protect bearings under high loads. Krytox™ XP lubricants are high-quality, ultrahigh-performance antifriction and antirust lubricants. Formulated with synthetic perfluoropolyether fluids, soluble additives, and the most efficient polytetrafluoroethylene thickeners available, these lubricants exceed the performance requirements of your most demanding application. XP lubricants will hold up under tremendous load conditions, preventing metal to metal contact and thereby reducing wear. The long-term antirust properties repel moisture, providing extra protection from corrosion of metal parts and bearing surfaces. It exhibits excellent resistance to water washout when used in wet environments

Product Category
Industrial Lubricants
Fluid / Oil; Micro-dispersion
Lubricant; Corrosion Inhibiting or Rust Preventative
Kinematic Viscosity
18.0 to 550.0 cSt (1.94E-4 to 0.0059 ft²/sec)
Viscosity Index
Use Temperature
-33 to 360 F (-36 to 182 C)

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