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Krytox™ NRT - Reactive Gas Service Grease -- 8950

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Krytox™ NRT 8950 is an extreme high-temperature grease with low oil evaporation. The special non-melting high temperature thickener in Krytox™ NRT 8950 also provides extreme pressure properties and works as a solid lubricant if the base oil is depleted. The base oil provides good viscosity and lower evaporation at high temperatures. The grease is slightly tacky and will provide extra bonding to the surface. Krytox™ NRT 8950 received a rating of 180 bar at 60°C in the BAM oxygen reactivity test.

Product Category
Industrial Lubricants
Grease / Gel; Micro-dispersion
Lubricant; Corrosion Inhibiting or Rust Preventative
Kinematic Viscosity
47.0 to 500.0 cSt (5.06E-4 to 0.0054 ft²/sec)

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