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SLIDE® Super Grease

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Wide Temperature Range Grease

  • Colorless.
  • Odorless.
  • Non-toxic.
  • FDA dielectric.
  • Contains PTFE.
  • Will not freeze, melt, gum up.
  • Compatible with other lubricants.
  • No silicones.
  • Will not wash out.
  • USDA listed H 1.
  • Repels water.
  • Will not separate, run or fall out.
  • Thixotropic properties provide excellent mechanical stability when sudden temperature changes occur.
  • Exceptional loadbearing properties.
  • Clear, clean, non-yellowing grease.
  • For injection molds, mold assemblies, especially medical and food grade plastic parts.
  • Prevents corrosion.
  • Oper. temps: -65˚ to +650˚F


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Industrial Lubricants
Grease / Gel
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