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Linear Technology provides a range of series and shunt precision voltage references. Series voltage references behave like a 3 terminal regulator and shunt voltage references perform like Zener diodes. The LTC voltage references offer accuracy and low drift over time and temperature. .A series voltage reference can also operate in shunt mode, they can draw only load and quiescent current from the input supply. With shunt voltage references the bias current must be set higher. Since shunt voltage references are typically biased with a resistor the voltage reference will work on a range of input voltages. Typical applications include power supply monitor, current loop measurement and control systems, digital voltmeters and 8-bit A/D and D/A reference.
Shunt precision voltage references:. Accuracy and temperature stability with low noise. Series voltage references:. Low dropout, low power and excellent line regulation
Nominal Voltage = 1.25V
Package Type = TSOT-23
Reference Type = Fixed
Initial Accuracy = ±0.1 %
Mounting Type = Surface Mount
Topology = Series
Maximum Input Voltage = 20 V
Minimum Output Voltage = 1.249 V
Maximum Output Voltage = 1.251 V
Pin Count = 6
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Voltage Dividers and Voltage References
Voltage; Series
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