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Product Description. RS brand phase change materials are ideal for thermal management applications. Available in this range is RS phase change interface materials in sheets, resistor pads and as a dispensable paste. Phase change materials work because they change their state with changes in temperature. During this process, the material stores thermal energy which is then released as the material cools. This means that the material can absorb thermal energy as the heat is generated which helps to keep the desired component cool.
Features and Benefits:. Material Sheets. Naturally tacky. Customisable. Good thermal conductivity. Resistor pads. Low thermal resistance. Naturally tacky. Long-term reliability. Good thermal conductivity. Paste. Enhanced performance . Can be stencilled, dispensed, screen printed and manually applied. Compound dries when applied. Reworkable around PCM temperature.
Dimensions = 65 x 47.5mm
Thickness = 0.127mm
Length = 65mm
Width = 47.5mm
Thermal Conductivity = 2.5W/m·K
Self-Adhesive = No
Minimum Operating Temperature = -45°C
Maximum Operating Temperature = +125°C
Operating Temperature Range = -45 - +125 °C
Colour = Grey


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Thermal Compounds and Thermal Interface Materials
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