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Graphite Heat Spreader. Offers an ideal thermal management solution for applications where limited space is available and custom shapes are required.The high thermal conductivity of the Pyrolytic material allows heat to be dissipated at a greater rate than conventional materials. The carbon based graphite material has been specially formed into a sheet to provide flexibility to maximise applications. Applications:. The high heat conductivity of the graphite heat spreader allows for easy attachments to a variety of heat sink or component surfaces. Displays, lighting protection:. PDP TV, LCD CCFL and LCD LED display backlight, LED signage, projectors and display technology. Consumer and industrial electronics:. Mobile telephones, laptop, notebook, computer servers, memory modules, amplifiers, batteries. Automotive Electronics:. Engine management, braking systems, communications and multimedia systems, vehicle lighting and electric vehicle thermal management.
Engineered in-plane thermal conductivity. EMI Shielding and absorbing. Reduce skin temperature and eliminate hot spots. Can Replace grease or PCM, eliminating fans and heat pipes.
Dimensions = 225 x 225mm
Thickness = 0.05mm
Length = 225mm
Width = 225mm
Thermal Conductivity = 1300W/m·K
Material = Graphite
Self-Adhesive = Yes

Product Category
Thermal Compounds and Thermal Interface Materials
Form / Shape
Material Properties (Nominal / Typical)
Thermal Conductivity
1300 W/m-K (751 BTU-ft/hr-ft²-F)

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