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Standard -- 1482E

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The 1482E is a used Inductance Standard from General Radio. Engineers use direct current (DC) voltage standards to calibrate, standardize, normalize, and monitor drift, verify linearity, and establish regulation in electronic equipment. Standards are important during electronics compliance testing. Phase angle standards are ideal for calibrating many different electronics, including power analyzers, vector voltmeters, phase meters, phase sensitive instruments, and resolvers.

Additional Features:

  • Nominal Inductance:
  • 1 mH
  • Adjustment Accuracy:
  • ±0.1%
  • Resonant Frequency:
  • 800 kHz accurate
  • The 1482E Standard Inductor is an accurate, highly stable standard of self inductance for use as a low-frequency reference or working standard in the laboratory.
  • Records extending over 13 years, including those of inductors that traveled to national laboratories in several countries for calibration, show long-term stabilities well within ±0.01%.
  • It is a uniformly wound toroid on a ceramic core.
  • It has a negligible external magnetic field and hence essentially no pickup from external fields.

The 1482E is a General Radio Standard.

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