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1 % capacitance decade box, adjustable via a rotary control. 5 decades: 100 pF, 1 nF, 10 nF, 100 nF, 1 μF. The DC05 decade box uses polystyrene and polypropylene condensers, providing high accuracy, a low temperature coefficient (125 ppm/°C) and very high insulation resistance. Outputs on each decade via 4 mm safety sockets. Discharge pushbutton. Available in a calibrated version.
Decade Box Type = Capacitance
Capacitance Resolution = 100pF
Best Capacitance Accuracy = ±1%
Temperature Coefficient = ±125ppm/°C
Dimensions = 100 x 427 x 72mm
Minimum Capacitance = 100pF
Weight = 1.6kg
Height = 72mm
Length = 100mm
Width = 427mm

Product Category
Decade Boxes and Dividers
Capacitance; DecadeBox
General Specifications
Temperature Coefficient
-125.0 to 125.0 ±ppm/°C

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