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For simulating resistance transducers and for laboratory, industrial and educational use. Required resistance is set by clearly marked thumbwheel switches, colour coded to aid identification.
Decade Box Type = Resistance
Resistance Resolution = 0.01Ohms
Best Maximum Resistance Accuracy = ±10%
Best Minimum Resistance Accuracy = ±0.1%
Residual Resistance = 90mOhms
Power Rating = 1W
Temperature Coefficient = ±100ppm/°C
Dimensions = 110 x 200 x 75mm
Minimum Resistance Measurement = 0.01Ohms
Absolute Maximum Resistance Measurement = 1MOhms


Product Category
Decade Boxes and Dividers
Resistance; DecadeBox
Temperature Coefficient
-100.0 to 100.0 ±ppm/°C
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