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Compact, durable case of encapsulated moulded epoxy. Constructed using low temperature coefficient resistor wire and gold plated contact switches. Particularly suitable for use in electrical and electronic industrial laboratories. Required resistance selected by the 6 rotary switches. The -B and -C models are suitable for pt100 simulation
Decade Box Type = Resistance
Resistance Resolution = 0.001Ohms
Best Maximum Resistance Accuracy = ±2%
Best Minimum Resistance Accuracy = ±0.05%
Residual Resistance = 1Ohms
Power Rating = 0.33W
Temperature Coefficient = ±3 ppm/°C, ±5 ppm/°C
Dimensions = 80 x 350 x 100mm
Minimum Operating Temperature = -50°C
Weight = 600g


Product Category
Decade Boxes and Dividers
Resistance; DecadeBox
Temperature Coefficient
Operating Temperature
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