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Ideal for general industrial laboratory and educational use. The required capacitance can be set via rotary switches with skirted knobs and stators giving a clear indication of the dial setting. The residual capacitance of the box is compensated for in the range 10 Ã- 100pF and 10 Ã- 1nF so that the actual value of the dial setting appears at the terminals.
Decade Box Type = Capacitance
Capacitance Resolution = 100pF
Best Capacitance Accuracy = ±5%
Residual Capacitance = 20pF
Power Rating = 0.33W
Temperature Coefficient = ±100ppm/°C
Dimensions = 200 x 330 x 240mm
Weight = 6.5kg
Length = 200mm
Minimum Operating Temperature = -50°C

Product Category
Decade Boxes and Dividers
Capacitance; DecadeBox

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Temperature Coefficient
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