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Cryogenic Hygrometer -- CR-1A

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Benefits of the CR-1A

• Wide Range: down to -120 °C (< 1 ppb)

• Fast Response Time: typically 10-20 seconds

• Inherent Stability and Accuracy

• NIST-traceable

• Very Low Maintenance

The CR-1A is a high performance, cryogenically cooled hygrometer. CR-1 instruments have been routinely used aboard NASA aircraft and elsewhere for years. The CR-1A is a miniaturized version of the original CR-1, and uses a much smaller LN2 dewar. Operating time per filling of LN2 ranges from 6 to 8 hours, depending on the dew points being measured.

A ±0.1% accuracy pressure transducer is included for measuring mixing ratio (ppmv or lbs/MMSCF). There is an optional 4.5 Ah battery pack, and an optional autofill system for continuous use applications.

The CR-1A is designed to operate with virtually no attention. Maintenance demands are minimal, consisting of dewar filling and occasional mirror cleaning as necessary.

Product Category
Moisture Meters
Physical Specifications
Variables Measured
Moisture Content; DewPoint
Form Factor
Performance Specifications
Dew Point Range
-184 to 86 F (-120 to 30 C)
Dew Point Accuracy
0.27 +/-F (0.15 +/-C)
Operating Temp
-40 to 140 F (-40 to 60 C)

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