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Chilled Mirror Hygrometer -- UHQ-4P

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The UHQ-4P is a chilled mirror hygrometer that is designed for measuring elevated dew points up to 150°C, such as those found in fuel cell and combustion applications Using technology developed for the CR-1A, CR-2 and CR-3, this instrument is unique because it does not use TE coolers to cool the mirror and thus is extremely fast and can handle very high temperatures. The UHQ-4P can measure dew point up to 150°C at pressures up to 150 psia (10 bar). It can display %RH with an optional ambient temperature sensor. The UHQ-4P is designed to measure in hydrogen, air and most non-corrosive gases at pressures ranging from near vacuum to up to 150 psia (10 bar).

Product Category
Moisture Meters
Physical Specifications
Variables Measured
Relative Humidity (optional feature); Moisture Content; DewPoint
Form Factor
Performance Specifications
Dew Point Range
68 to 302 F (20 to 150 C)
Dew Point Accuracy
0.36 +/-F (0.20 +/-C)
Outputs / Display
Electrical Outputs
Current; Voltage

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Digital Outputs