Magnetic Shield Corporation Datasheets for Magnetic Field Instruments

Magnetic field instruments include meters, gauges, recorders and other instrumentation for the measurement of magnetic fields and/or magnetic flux.
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Product Name Notes
1-Axis AC Magnetic Field Meter -- EF-401 A cost effective, handheld, single-axis AC magnetic field meter that provides quick & reliable measurements of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation generated by external sources like power lines, electrical wiring, motors,...
ELF Gaussmeter -- 4180 Lightweight and completely self contained, the easy to use Model 4180 ELF Meter is ideal for commercial or laboratory use. The Model 4180 accurately measures Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Fields...
AC Magnetic Pickup Probe -- EP-101A
AC Magnetic Pickup Probe -- EP-102A
AC Magnetic Pickup Probe -- EP-102T
This field evaluator probe can be used with a digital volt meter (DVM) or oscilloscope to measure AC magnetic field intensities and attenuation ratios. Each probe is carefully calibrated with...