ABB Datasheets for Polishing and Buffing Machines

Polishers and buffing machines are used to impart a fine (low Ra) surface finish on the exterior of a part. To improve surface finish, they use use abrasive grain slurries or compounds on buffs, bobs, cloth naps, laps, very fine grit nonwovens, and coated abrasives.
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Product Name Notes
Baldor Industrial Buffers are made to use with soft cloth buffing wheels and buffing compounds. Used for buffing and polishing objects to various degrees of luster.
General purpose grinding. Used for shaping objects by removing material. Sharpens small tools. Suitable for heavy grinding because of 1/2 horsepower motor and 7" diameter x 1" wide wheels.
Made to use with soft cloth buffing wheels and buffing compounds
Preferred by Dentists, Dental Lab Technicians, Jewelers, Lapidary and others for precision, trouble free polishing.
Catalog Number: LPL50 Description: 20S 2P BUFFER Ship Weight: 43 lbs.