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A rigid sanding block of highly ergonomic design which automatically holds all Scotch-Brite® abrasive sheets. Block reference 961, dimensions: 120 x 80 mm. A full range of Scotch-Brite® abrasives is available: - Scotch-Brite® sheet, non-woven, ideal for light-duty cleaning and finishing operations on non-ferrous metals and stainless steel, colour red, ref. 3M CF.HP 07447 (very fine) dimensions: 224 x 158 mm, - Scotch-Brite® sheet especially for stainless steel, for a brushed finish. Can be used with the 961 sanding block to restore lined finishes running lengthwise on stainless steels, colour grey, ref. 3M 07446, dimensions: 228 x 152 mm, - Scotch-Brite® sheet for maintenance applications. Can be used wet or dry on all materials, colour green, ref. 3M GP.SH, dimensions: 280 x 230 mm, - Extra-strong Scotch-Brite® sheet for cleaning of metals and smoothing down wood. Can be used wet or dry with orbital sanders or by hand, colour brown, ref. 3M CP.SH, dimensions: 300 x 115 mm, - Scotch-Brite® without abrasives, for cleaning delicate surfaces such as synthetic marble, resins or glass and porcelain, may be used wet or dry, colour white, ref. 3M MS.SH, dimensions: 280 x 115 mm.
Sheet Size = 280 x 230mm
Length = 280mm
Width = 230mm
Number of Sheets per Pack = 10
Model = Scotch-Brite

Manufacturer Part Number
Product Category
Abrasive Rolls and Abrasive Sheets
9.06 to 11.02 inch (230 to 280 mm)
Applications & Materials Worked
Medium sized grits or filaments

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