CS UNITEC Datasheets for Nonwoven Abrasives

Nonwoven abrasives consist of abrasive grains adhered with resin to the internal fiber surfaces of a nonwoven textile backing.
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Product Name Notes
Abrasive disc with Hook & Loop fastening and an outstanding grinding capacity. Ideal for body shops and car workshops.
Elastic nylon fleece impregnated with abrasives for a first-class finish. Produces shadow-free matte, satin and polished finishes. For removing oxidation on stainless steel and nonferrous metals and also suitable for...
Made of hard-textured, nonwoven fleece for cleaning and descaling welds, pore-deep removal of rust, oxidation and coatings, cleaning beams, bricks, etc. Produces an effective linear finish on stainless steel. A...
New abrasive fabric with pyramid-shaped grit structure. Allows high material removal while producing a very fine finish. FIX TZ Pyramid discs reduce the amount of work required compared to grinding...
Nylon impregnated with abrasive grit for removing minor to medium scratch marks and oxidation coatings, matte and satin finishing and deburring applications.
Versatile disc for fine surface conditioning and pre-polishing.