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E-Labs, Inc. is a Full Service Testing Laboratory, offering customers access to state of the art facilities and personnel. E-Labs personnel have over 70 years of hands on testing experience within all testing disciplines for the Aerospace, Automotive, Military, Commercial and the IT industries. E-Labs offers testing services from cradle to grave, from concept to analysis. From test planning, fixture design and fabrication, consulting, to testing in the lab. The E-Labs facility is conveniently located 3 miles from interstate 95 in Fredericksburg, VA. The lab is over Twenty thousand square feet of test floor space with climatic, dynamic and pressure testing capabilities. E-Labs maintains state-of-the art equipment for data acquisition, with over 240 channels of instrumentation for temperature, accelerometer, high-speed video/camera, and strain gauging, pressure and force measurement. All instrumentation is calibrated, traceable to NIST and the lab operations are ISO 17025 certified.

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E-Labs offers climatic, salt fog, altitude, acoustic noise, vibration, thermal shock, temperature, product, and humidity testing, military and environmental simulation. They offer state of the art facilities and personnel with over 70 years of experience .
Comparisons; Consulting / Training; In-Process In-Line Testing; Engineering Verification (DVT); Evaluation and Analysis; Qualification; Test Fixture or Equipment Design; Panel / Sample Prep; Performance Testing; Reliability / Robustness; Testing; Test Development; Ballistic Testing
Configuration / Form Tested
Products; Components / Parts; Samples / Materials

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