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Dynamics Testing

Dynamics testing evaluates a product's ability to withstandstresses occurring during normal and adverse operating conditions.

These tests can also include conditions found duringtransport and product installation.

Dynamics testing is common in commercial, industrial, andmilitary applications.

At E-Labs, Inc. our dynamics testing capabilities includethe following:


Acoustic Noise

Classic ShockTesting

CombinedEnvironments Vibration

Hammer ShockTesting

Shock TestingServices

Vibration Testing

Acceleration Testing - Detect structural and mechanicalstrength limits in objects that experience constant acceleration.

Acceleration testing is used to detect structural andmechanical strength limits in objects that experience constant acceleration.E-Labs can perform centrifuge tests to meet acceleration requirements ofMIL-STD-810 method 513.5, MIL-STD-202 method 212A, MIL-STD-750 method 2006 andother specifications. Our centrifuge has multiple slip rings and RF connectorsto meet all your needs. E-Labs has adjustable fixtures that allow the test itemto be tilted and rotated in order to match combined load vector testrequirements.

Acoustic Noise Testing

Acoustic noise occurs when sound pressure waves travelthrough the air and are measured in psi or decibels. We have theinstrumentation to measure and analyze the sound waves produced to determinecompliance to your specification.

Acoustic Noise testing is performed to MIL-STD 740 and otherstandards, E-Labs has performed many acoustic tests for the US Navy onsubmarine components, let us handle your requirements.

Classic Shock Testing

Classic Shock Testing is accomplished using many of our capabilitieshere at E-Labs. The typical shock testing event can be performed on our LingElectronics 335 or UD T-508 vibration testing systems.

For tests that required higher levels or longer duration,E-Labs has additional mechanical shock testing machines. Using these shocktesting facilities we can achieve custom shock levels to meet our customers'needs.

At our lab, the test item size is never an issue from smallto large we can accommodate most any size unit. We can simulate such profilesas the road shock to the shock of a torpedo hitting a submarine or the side ofa ship.

Combined Environments Vibration Testing

We have the flexibility to turn any of our vibration systemsinto combined environments, combining temperature/humidity chambers withelectro-dynamic vibration shakers. The chambers can perform rapid rates oftemperature change and the vibration facilities can produce up to 20,000force-pounds, with frequencies up to 2000 Hz. The durability of the product istested for each individual stress and also for the combined interaction of allstresses. This will allow for quick exposure of any design or manufacturingweaknesses.

Lightweight Hammer Shock Testing

E-Labs has lightweight hammer shock testing facilities thattest the ability of shipboard installations to withstand shock loadings. Theseshock testing facilities are totally capable of performing Mil-S-901 testrequirements.

During lightweight hammer shock testing, an article is fixedto an anvil plate which is struck by a pendulum hammer at 1, 3, and 5 foot heights.The anvil plate is struck at three orientations top, back, and side blows.Testing sequence will depend on the operating condition that is to berepresented.

Shock Testing Services

Our shock testing engineers will condition, plot and helpyou analyze up to 128 channels of real time data - Shock Response Spectrum(SRS), Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) or modal analysis.

They will review the cause and effect of shock pulses andhelp in estimating damage potential based on the analytical data results. Theywill also be able to offer solutions for those scenarios that do not meetspecifications.

Vibration Testing

Vibration testing can help validate your design to see if itwill survive its intended environment. It simulates a variety of transportationscenarios, operating environments, and the effect of external vibration withina storage environment. Our vibration testing facility is comprised of multipleelectrodynamic shakers capable of providing over 20,000 force pounds performingmultiple types of vibration such as sine, random, sine on random, random onrandom and vibration analysis. They are capable of product vibration in asingle as well as multiple axis configuration in order to meet your type oftesting.

Test applications include transportation load simulations,fatigue due to vibration, reliability testing, squeak & rattle testing,fragility, production stress screening, and package testing, launch simulation,in flight and gunfire vibrations among others.

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