Roller Bearings from SKF/North America

Cam Followers - KR 35 B -- 148081035

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Cam Followers - KR 35 B -- 148081035-Image

SKF cam followers have an internal design very similar to that of a needle or cylindrical roller bearing. They are characterized by a thick walled outer ring that enables them to accommodate shock loads while reducing distortion and bending stresses. The outside running surface is crowned as standard. However, cam followers with cylindrical (flat) running surfaces are available for certain applications. Instead of an inner ring, cam followers have a solid stud (pin) that is threaded so that the cam follower can be quickly and easily attached to appropriate machine components by means of a hexagonal nut.


Product Category
Roller Bearings
Design Units
0.6299 inch (16.000 mm)
Outside Diameter
1.3780 inch (35.000 mm)
Overall Width
2.0472 inch (52.000 mm)
Static Axial
14 lbs (6 kg)
Static Radial
Dynamic Axial
Dynamic Radial
Rolling Element