Idemitsu Chemical Co. Datasheets for Molding Compounds and Resins

Molding compounds and resins are industrial plastics and polymers that are suitable for forming. They are used in injection molding, compression molding, reaction injection molding (RIM), resin transfer molding (RTM), and blow molding.
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Product Name Notes
Xarec® WA Grade -- 214LG
Xarec® WA Grade -- 552
Formulated with a range of glass filler levels, these injection molding grades of Xarec offer an exceptional combination of heat, chemical & hydrolytic stability. Typical applications are automotive, appliance and...
Xarec® EA Grade -- 533 Material: Xarec EA533 Lower hydraulic pressure, better flow than PBT. Better dimensional stability than PBT. Faster cycle time than PBT. Better electrical durability than PBT. Application Requirements: UL 94 V0...
Xarec® EA Grade -- 537 Material: Xarec EA537 Better dimensional stability than PET. Easier processing than PET. Better hydrolytic stability than PET ­ no drying required. Application Requirements: UL1446 Systems: Q1 to Q4. UL 94:...
Xarec® N WA Grade -- 7020-02
Xarec® WA Grade -- 212
Material: Xarec N WA 7020, WA212 Better property retention after USCAR 3 & 4 vs. PBT. Lower hydraulic pressure, better flow than PBT. Better dimensional stability than PBT. Faster cycle...
Xarec® WA Grade -- 210 Material: Xarec WA210 Better humidity resistance than PBT or Nylon. Better dimensional stability than PBT or Nylon. Faster cycle time and easier flow in tools than PBT. Lighter weight than...
Xarec® WA Grade -- 550 Material: Xarec WA550 Better chemical resistance to transformer oils than PET. Better hydrolytic stability (no drying) than PET. Easier to process than PET. Application Requirements: Chemical resistance. Good dimensional
Xarec® N WA Grade -- 5030-02
Xarec® N WA Grade -- 7030-02
Offering more strength and ductility than the WA grades, the N WA grades have been formulated with Nylon 66 to create a unique blend that offers strength and ductility, in...
Xarec® EA Grade -- 513
Xarec® EA Grade -- 522
Xarec® EA Grade -- 543
Offering the ability to comply with the most stringent U.L. 94 flammability requirements the Xarec EA products offer a cost effective means to take advantage of the value that a...
TARFLON™ -- AZ1900
TARFLON™ -- IR1900
TARFLON™ -- IR2200
TARFLON™ -- IV1900
TARFLON™ -- LC1500
TARFLON™ Polycarbonate thermoplastic products deliver exceptional impact strength and transparency. The stable performance of TARFLON™ over a wide temperature range (-100C to 135C) makes it ideal for a wide variety...
Xarec® S Grade -- 931 Lower dielectric heating than PPS due to low dissipation factor. Easier processing than PPS. Lower cost than PPS. Application Requirements: Heat and chemical resistance. Dimensional stability for part flatness.