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Top Seiko has developed the machining technology for Ultra-hard Materials such as ceramics and high density Refractory Metals. Their properties are not only extremely hard, but also very brittle which means easy to be broken and crack.

Providing the Aerospace, Medical, Nuclear Power, and Semiconductor markets with custom fabricated parts, we specialize in complex and precision machining of these exotic materials. Extremely tight tolerances for dimension, flatness, parallelism, roundness, concentricity and cylindricity are often required for these parts.

Among all, our specialty is hole-drilling in these hard materials. Precision holes, deep holes, and long tapered holes can be machined. For example, we have drilled a long tapered hole of 1 mm in diameter (small end) , 5 mm (large end), 300 mm in overall length in a Quartz Rod.

Our machining service comes with dependable quality assurance system. Our inspection facility includes Coordinate Measuring Machines, CNC High PrecisionImage Measuring Machine, Laser Microscope, and Digital Microscopes. Upon request, washing, drying and vacuum packing inside of Clean Room are available.

Materials we machine include: Alumina, Sapphire, Aluminum Nitride, Silicon Nitride, Silicon Carbide, MMC(Metal MatrixComposites)*1, CMC(Ceramic Matrix Composites)*2, Zirconia, Steatite, Silicon, Glasses (TEMPAX Float®, Corning Glass ULE®, Fused Quartz / FusedSilica and others), Machinable Ceramics(Macor®, ShapalHi-M Soft™, Macerite®, Photoveel®), Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantalum, Heavy Metal, and many more.

*1 MMC(Metal Matrix Composites): It is composite material composed of metal and another material such as different metal or ceramic. It is excellent for theapplications which require high stiffness or strength at minimum weight.

*2 CMC(Ceramic MatrixComposites):A fiber-reinforced ceramic composed of SiC fibers and SiC matrix. It is light-weight, high-temperature strength, and high durability material developed as a next-generation material for aero-engines.

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Through "machining" aimed at customer satisfaction, Top Seiko strives to have our technology reflected in our customers' products, enabling the customers to perform good business, which in turn results in the successful operation of our company.
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Ceramics; Glass; Glass Ceramics; Quartz; Sapphire / Ruby; Refractory Metal

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